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Writer’s direct email:

April 1, 2024


I continue to offer my sincere thanks to all my former clients for the opportunity to advise you over the years, which has been always interesting, a source of delight, and an immense privilege you have given me, for which I am truly thankful to God. Nonetheless, the best advice I can offer anyone contemplating retirement, as I did, is to leave the party before the Sheriff shows up.

I retired from the full-time practice of law in 2021 and am not seeking or accepting new clients or new matters from existing clients. There are presently no lawyers or staff associated with Aceto Law Office P.A. other than me. My law practice, and the legal services of the firm, are generally limited to alternative dispute resolution as a member of the American Arbitration Association panel of commercial, consumer, and construction arbitrators.

File Retention. You should have received a letter from me when you initially engaged my services, disclosing my policy of destroying client files after six years from the last furnishing of legal services, according to North Carolina State Bar rules. That has happened and is happening. I have moved and temporarily stored your remaining physical and electronic files and intend to eventually destroy and permanently delete them, as the time required for keeping them expires and as State Bar rules may otherwise allow. Please note it has not been my policy to keep original wills and estate planning documents, corporate records, or real estate title documents, as I have instead delivered the signed original documents to clients at the first opportunity upon execution or recordation. Copies have been and will be destroyed along with all other client files.

Very truly yours,
Steven T. Aceto
Attorney at Law